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A door is always the first thing that a building is judged for; even as a customer passes the threshold, it offers a very literal frame of reference for what lies beyond. Make sure that first judgement is a positive one with us. Construction Interior Products, Inc. is devoted to its services as a door supplier for commercial interests throughout Houston, Texas.

Commercial door hardware should never be a challenge to acquire, and we have made it our mission to supply the commercial industry with the best doors, frames, and their hardware. From fine brands to ballistic doors, we can provide what your company needs.

While local general contractors and subcontractors make up the most generous portion of our customer base, we are more than happy to ship our carefully crafted supplies to interested clients outside of the Texas area. We are similarly pleased to serve any and all commercial companies that want to make sure their employees and customers have easy access to the parts of their building, all while maintaining the visual appeal that a well-built door possesses.


Door Hardware Institute (DHI) | American General Contractors of Houston (AGC) | Women's Contractors Association (WCA)

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Construction Interior Products, Inc. is proud to provide a variety of commercial doors, door frames, and hardware. We maintain an extensive supply, so come peruse what we have to offer.

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